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Our Product

Our press on nails are made from Gel-X nail extension system. This soft Gel-X nail tips and extension creates a durable, strong and high quality product. With no filing, no dust, no odour and no damage to your natural nails, this revolutionary product will change the way you do nails.

All our handmade products require an extended amount of time to create as our artist designs them to your preference. As some designs are more complex than others we have set our Handmade Press On Nails at a higher price than our Luxury Press On Nails. Regardless of our products we ensure that all our press on nails are quality checked and perfect before we send them out to you.


What is Gel-X Nail Extension System?

A fast and easy to apply soft nail extension technology based in the America. At created by Linh we offer gel-x nails tip extension with extended gel. We cure them under the UV light to help the tips stick and glue onto the natural nails. The extended gel will make the tips extensions last on your the nails for a long period of time with the correct after care.


Gel-X compared to other press on nail tips in the market

They are manufactured from cutting edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak off capabilities. With thicker texture, best quality, no odour and no damage to nature nails. Gel tips are 3x more expensive than normal press on tips in the market, originally from America Apres nails extension. These have been worn by Kylie Jenner, Cardi B and designed by celebrity nail artist.

We have been doing  this type of tips on customer’s nails since 2020 and this has been our customer’s favourite nails extension system. Especially for those who loves to be different and have designs on their nails.

Most of the press on nails in the market are soft, low-priced and less durable when bent together.